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The Generative Art Museum is a non-profit organisation born in Barcelona dedicated to promote art made by autonomous systems (non-human) that can independently create artwork, commonly known as generative art.

The Generative Art Museum is located Via Abitare Way 31 (Miami) in Voxels (formerly Cryptovoxels), a user owned virtual world and metaverse powered by Ethereum blockchain.

The goal of TGAM is to spread the word about generative art in all shapes and forms. We embrace any piece where humans interact with automated tools to create unique pieces.
TGAM schedules several exhibitions every year. There are the regular issues, happening quarterly (January, March, July and October) and other smaller temporary events.

The current ongoing event of the TGAM is "Issue #06: Input Output" (From April 3rd to July 3rd) featuring Licia He, Anna Carreras and Deafbeef. Visit now.

For every issue there is a lineup of three different artists representing unique ways of understanding generative art. We partnered with futr. to carefully curate the selection of artists for every exhibition, but we're open to suggestions.

TGAM periodically releases interviews and articles about Generative Art.

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Issue 06: Input Output is now live on the TGAM showcasing the work of Anna Carreras, Licia He and Deafbeef.
Current Exhibition: April to June 2023

Issue #06
Input Output

Issue #06: Input Output

Input Output is the sixth edition of TGAM's Issue exhibition featuring Anna Carreras, Licia He and Deafbeef.

In this edition we explore different points of view within the generative art ecosystem by showcasing the beauty and complexity of code as an artistic medium. Through a range of digital and interactive experiences, the exhibition travels the myriad inputs and outputs that can be generated through code, highlighting how it can be used to create unique and mesmerizing visuals, sounds, and experiences.

Visitors can witness how code can evolve and adapt, responding to real-time data or changing environmental factors. By embracing the potential of code as an artistic tool, Issue #06 Input Output prompts us to consider the future of art and how technology can be leveraged to create new forms of expression and creativity.

Featured artists: Licia He, Anna Carreras and Deafbeef.

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