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Issue #05
World Wide Art

Issue #05: World Wide Art

Through the democratization of content creation and the empowerment of artists, the blockchain is paving the way for a new era of cultural expression and interaction

30 years ago the World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners Lee at CERN with the sole purpose of enabling access to information over the Internet. Yes, the Internet and the World Wide Web are different things, in simple words, the Internet is the technical infrastructure and the world wide web are the services on top of that infrastructure. At the beginning, the World Wide Web was quite limited to websites, but now new protocols and the unstoppable progress of evolution makes websites a tiny part of the global picture.

On this edition of The Generative Art Museum Issue, we explore the rise of art democratization through technology. Welcome to World Wide Art.

Featured artists: Zancan, Lars Wander and Zach Lieberman.

Issue 05: World Wide Art is now live on the TGAM showcasing the work of Zancan, Lars Wander and Zach Lieberman.

The Generative Art Museum is located Via Abitare Way 31 (Miami) in Voxels (formerly Cryptovoxels), a user owned virtual world and metaverse powered by Ethereum blockchain.

Welcome to The Generative Art Museum. The TGAM is a space in the metaverse (voxels) dedicated to celebrate and promulgate art made by autonomous systems (non-human) that can independently create artwork. Learn more about TGAM here.
The goal of TGAM is to spread the word about generative art in all shapes and forms. We embrace any piece where humans interact with automated tools to create unique pieces.
TGAM schedules several exhibitions every year. There are the regular issues, happening quarterly (January, March, July and October) and other smaller temporary events.

The current ongoing event of the TGAM is "Issue #05: World Wide Art" (From January 2th to March 31th) featuring Zancan, Lars Wander and Zach Lieberman. Visit now.

TGAM periodically releases interviews and articles about Generative Art.

For every issue there is a lineup of three different artists representing unique ways of understanding generative art. We partnered with futr. to carefully curate the selection of artists for every exhibition, but we're open to suggestions.

If you are a generative artist and are interested in showcasing your work in the TGAM please do not hesitate contacting us about your project. We schedule new exhibitions four times a year (January, April, July and October).

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