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The Generative Art Museum (TGAM) is a non-profit organization based in Barcelona dedicated to explore, promote, and advance the understanding and appreciation of generative art as a unique form of artistic expression.

The Generative Art Museum is located Via Abitare Way 31 (Miami) in Voxels (formerly Cryptovoxels), a user owned virtual world and metaverse powered by Ethereum blockchain.

The goal of TGAM is to spread the word about generative art in all shapes and forms. We embrace any piece where humans interact with automated tools to create unique pieces.

TGAM schedules several exhibitions every year. There are the regular issues, happening quarterly (January, March, July and October) and other smaller temporary events.

The current ongoing event of the TGAM is "Issue #07: She Codes" (From July 3rd to October 1th 2023) featuring Alida Sun, Nadieh Bremer and Monica Rizzolli. Visit now.

For every issue there is a lineup of three different artists representing unique ways of understanding generative art. We partnered with futr. to carefully curate the selection of artists for every exhibition, but we're open to suggestions.

TGAM periodically releases interviews and articles about Generative Art.

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Issue 07: She Codes is now live on TGAM showcasing the work of Alida Sun, Nadieh Bremer and Monica Rizzoli.
Current Exhibition: July to September 2023

Issue #07
She Codes

Issue #07: She Codes

“She Codes” is TGAM's seventh issue exhibition and seeks to shed light on the often underrepresented contributions of women in the realm of creative coding and generative art. By amplifying their voices and showcasing their remarkable talent, “She Codes” aims to inspire future generations of women to embrace technology and explore its boundless possibilities as a creative medium.

The exhibition aims to highlight the immense contributions made by women in the realm of creative coding, through their visionary approaches and inventive use of algorithms. While three featured artists will be hosted in our virtual gallery, during the exhibition we will cover the current status of women, inclusive and non-binary collectives working in generative art.

Featured artists: Alida Sun, Nadieh Bremer and Monica Rizzolli.

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