Welcome to The Generative Art Museum.

About Us

The Generative Art Museum is a non-profit organisation born in Barcelona dedicated to promote art made by autonomous systems (non-human) that can independently create artwork, commonly known as generative art.

Blockchain has created the perfect playground for a digital renaissance: affordable computers and easy-to-use scripting tools are the icing on the cake for a revolution in generative art like the world has never seen before. And we are here to talk about it and share this exciting journey.

The TGAM is located in Voxels, a user owned virtual world and metaverse, powered by the Ethereum blockchain, were players can buy land and build whatever they want.

We currently have three exhibition areas with more than 40 artworks and a very special rooftop to celebrate events.


Our Sponsors

TGAM is supported by several sponsors who help operations and provide tech solutions.

If you want to be a sponsor contact us.