Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez
Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez

An artist, strategist and opinionist

The marriage of advanced technology and human activities and habits raises questions that can only be explored in the fields of philosophy and the arts. Generative art is an exciting territory to explore these concepts. Creating artworks that expand over a given parameter space is an exciting endeavor that helps to reflect about the implications of the slightest of ingredients in a complex scenario.

Also, it carries the question of whether we can move beyond human controlled parameters into a new territory where a synthetic being can exhibit a way of taste and emotions that can be understood by humans, and viceversa. Marcelo writes occasionally on his personal website, iillucid.com, about art, strategy and random thoughts around these topics.

Marcelo is interested in the concept of the total cognitive space of systems. That is, the whole range of possibilities that a given system can cover and interact with. The role of technological advances in this regard with respect to society has been the focus of his work at innovation and strategy in a handful of companies, from small startups to large financial multinationals.