Andreas Rau
Andreas Rau

Generative artist with a background in interaction design and creative coding

Andreas’ work ranges from interactive installations over kinetic sculptures to computer-generated drawings and often incorporates playful interactions, organic movement patterns, rich textures, slowness, unexpected breaks and overlapping rhythms. It shows clear influences of music and nature and is inspired by the to-be rather than the being, the becoming rather than the actual, the evolving rather than the finished.

With a background in interaction design and creative coding, Andreas continues to explore the interplay between humans and their physical and digital environments in his artistic work. While the blockchain and NFTs have created an entirely new context for his purely digital art, many of Andreas’ works have a physical component and come to life through pen plotter or CNC machine. This connection to the physical is also expressed in his generative long-form series on fxhash including Loom and recently Toccata.

Andreas Rau (b. 1990) is a generative artist based between Berlin and Oslo. He works with code and electronics to build bridges between the physical and the digital in a continuous dialog between human and machine. It’s this dialog Andreas is interested in: How do the advances in technology shape our lives? How can we use machines to elevate our own consciousness? How could our surroundings reflect our infinite states of being and, ultimately, contribute to introspection?