Lisa Orth
Lisa Orth

Artist, designer, tattooer and creative coder

Since entering the NFT art space, Lisa’s focus has been on creating abstract generative art. Using processing and p5.js, a JavaScript library created to make coding accessible for artists and designers, she’s amassed an impressive body of work. Created entirely with code, her distinctive style of algorithmic art has inspired a strong collector base, with fans acquiring her work across varied platforms and ecosystems.

She co-founded a design agency, where she got her first introduction to coding, and served as its creative director until leaving the design field to focus on tattooing. Her unique linework tattoo style, reminiscent of woodcuts and engravings, has garnered her awards, international acclaim, and a bevy of eager clients.

A creative polymath, Lisa began her artistic path in Seattle as a graphic designer and art director. In the late 80\'s, she was working for such luminary cultural institutions as COCA (the Center on Contemporary Art), local music magazine The Rocket, and Sub Pop Records as their first official Art Director. It was at Sub Pop that she designed Nirvana’s first records and their now iconic logo.