Digital artisan. Make. Try. Or die.

For the TGAM's Responsive Dreams exhibition he will be exploring how the canvas can become an infinite region, being the screen or display, an arbitrary frame that captures a limited part of that region. Each of these regions will have the capacity of being framed at any resolution or aspect ratio which, along with its deterministic randomness, has the potential for the artwork to grow indefinitely.

Santiago regards coding as a form of transhumanistic poetry, a common ground between humans and machines, and his creative work centers around questions of technology’s synthetic nature, relation to society, and role in the evolution of the human species.

He employs mathematical principles, physic simulations, genetic algorithms, and AI to manipulate machine-interpretable routines.

Santiago was born in Barcelona, in 1982, in the heyday of personal computing and the emergence of video games. This coincidence of biography and cultural evolution led to his fascination with technologically derived aesthetics. Santiago’s work utilizes code as a creative driver.