Issue #01

For the love of art

Issue #01: for the love of art

When our nomadic ancestors decided to settle down into an agricultural society, the idea of land ownership, homeownership, and real estate was born. In a mere 6,000 years, real estate has become the world’s largest asset class, and technological advancements developed contemporaneously improved our lives in many ways.

The why is always a healthy question. Although art is timelessly present, it is dominated by human technological capabilties. In that regard, we are lucky to live the era of the digitalization of everything. That is something even early adopters can not fully comprehend, but as art maximalists we can and we do embrace the obvious and numerous benefits that this new era brings to art the community.

Despite this, the process of buying real estate has remained largely unchanged since Sumerians recorded property deeds on clay tablets. Recently, there has been a wave of blockchain-related technologies designed to streamline the process of buying realestate, mostly by obviating things like title insurance and legal documentation.

Some of the same technological transformation that we have seen in other industries like transportation and communications are finally coming to the oldest form of investment.

The metaverse is here to change things in ways people wouldn’t believe. It’s the future for human relationships, and the TGAM humbly joins this movement to present his vision of art through the endless possibilites of the digital space.