Quentin Hocdé
Quentin Hocdé

Creative developer & visual artist

In 2021 Quentin was ready for new challenges and decided to quit his job, leave Canada, go and buy a camping-car to travel and work on the road in Europe. Now he is based in Brussels, Belgium, set to work developing great websites and creating his own artistic universe.

Quentin has been creating generative art, developing algorithms which generate visuals and animations, mixing technology and colorful palettes. You will find infinite mesmerizing loops but also with beautiful and smart generative compositions.

Quentin is addicted to well thought-through animations and smart user-experiences. This applies to small websites he likes to create, especially for social causes.

Graduated from l’école de l’image Gobelins in France, Quentin has been creating websites as a front-end developer since 2013. During 6 years he was part of the team at Locomotive (Montreal, Canada) as a Creative Developer at the begining, and Lead front-end later. This gave Quentin the ability to work on many different things, with many challenges to develop his creative spirit.