Generative artist exploring human experience & the expression of its endless possibilities through shape and light

This fundamental belief also sparked the creation of the Morgenrot collection, her genesis NFT project. Beyond her art, she is a caring friend, loving sister and a passionate sādhaka on her yogic path.

Every artwork of the Morgenrot collection symbolizes the dawn of a new beginning, empowering us to seize the unlimited possibilities each day holds. It visualizes the radiating beauty of our inner world unfolding in light and form.``

Her work touches and evolves around all forms of human experience and expression. Having worked in a business context for most of her professional career, a recent life- changing experience allowed aurora to reconnect with her inner artist. What she cherishes most about art is the chance of a new beginning in every creation.

Aurora has always loved to explore what moves people - in artistic creation as well as throughout her life.